Carola Lampe is a Berlin-based artist working with photography, installation and performance. She graduated from Osnabrück University with a master’s in Fine Arts, has studied Dance and Choreography at Laban Centre London and Photography at Ostkreuzschule Berlin.

Carola’s work has been exhibited at galleries and institutions in Germany, Greece, Italy and Hungary. Her performances have been shown in Germany, the UK and Japan. She has been chosen for the third cycle (2019-2020) of Parallel Photo Platform programme and was shortlisted for the Athens Photo Festival in 2015 and 2017. Some of her recent photography projects have been featured in Der Greif online exhibition and dienacht magazine.

She is currently interested in the implications of technology on a human being. By observing everyday life and by investigating boundaries of what is real and what isn’t, her art shifts between documentary and fiction.

Tell Me What to See investigates the impact of new technologies on human behaviour and experience. In search of the future, the project focuses on data, algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Our life is getting increasingly controlled by algorithms as vast amounts of data are being created, captured and analyzed.

They can save lives, simplify things and structure chaos. However, there is a great concern that they may place too much control into the hands of corporations and governments, reinforce bias, create filter bubbles, cut choices and lead to greater social imbalances.

Increasingly, we find ourselves in simulated environments. It is becoming difficult to distinguish between real and fake.

What is reality? Are we constructing another reality?

How and what does a machine see? How is it different to our view?

In Tell Me What to See I am investigating these questions by exploring the juxtaposition of reality and artificiality. Consequently, I have generated images in 3 different ways: taken in physical space, artificially constructed in the studio and generated by AI, in an attempt to make the invisible visible.