Notes on Space

We create, rearrange and destroy spaces we inhabit, throughout our whole life. Houses, workplaces or streets and public squares are the material environment we influence on. However, they also shape our behaviour: tell us where and how to go, teach us values and hierarchies dominant in a society or a class we belong to. In that terms, it is no surprise that the notions of ‘building’ and ‘construction’ are never limited to  physical matter. We build houses and relationships, monuments but also identities, spatial order and political order. We built past memories and will build the future ones.

Notes on Space aims to shed light on different elements of this entangled relation. From the playfulness and creativity of children, creating imaginary spaces from given elements, to the very instrumental role subscribed to the construction workers. And from the abstract interactions with surroundings, to the ideologically saturated, artificial suburban neighbourhoods. Space was and is politicised, gender-biased, and might be even more so in the future, if we fill it with artificial intelligence, fuelled by biased data collected in the past and present. But even today we see our cities, towns and villages changing due to politicians’ will, ideology or huge private investments, tearing apart what was once public and common. Is it the time to take back our own creative forces?

Gustavo Balbela
David Barreiro
Caroline Kolkman
Carola Lampe
Sara Perovic

Tytus Szabelski

project manager:
Kateryna Radchenko

web design:
Viktor Zasypkin